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Our Services

Preconstruction Services

Even before the early stages of site work, we work closely with architects, developers, engineers and owners providing assistance with design build and value engineering. These efforts are made because we know the importance of creating a budget and adhering to that budget as the project progresses.


Clearing, Grubbing and Stripping

Industrial, brush and rotary mowers, and heavy equipment are used to trim back or clear trees and brush from planned areas, preparing the site for construction. Unwanted topsoil and vegetation are then stripped and reused onsite or moved offsite. Throughout construction we avidly maintain and protect the site's remaining vegetation.



Prior to beginning site development, there are often above and underground structures left in the way of future development.

L.T. Hedrick Construction Company Inc. dismembers such structures with care to meet and exceed safety expectations during the demolition process. We can also provide LEED conforming sources for disposal of materials where available and within budget. 


Erosion and Sediment Control

Install and maintain erosion control measures that meet or exceed NC DENR specifications throughout the duration of the project. This includes; construction entrances, silt fence, skimmer basins, temporary inlet and outlet protection, temporary matting and seeding, and all other types of erosion control which may be specified on any project. L.T. Hedrick Construction has maintained a great working relationship with the local NC DENR.

Underground Detention Systems (Biocells, Raingardens, and UDT's)

With today's growing concerns over stormwater runoff polluting streams, rivers and other freshwater sources, L.T. Hedrick Construction Company Inc. can install underground detention systems, bio-retention cells, etc. to help alleviate pollution concerns.



By utilizing the latest in GPS technology as well as experienced operators we are capable of performing cut, fill, import and export earth moving in the most cost and time efficient manner. This GPS technology also allows us to offer the utmost precision in relation to your fine grading needs. We pride ourselves on exceeding the customers expectations.    


Storm Drainage, Water, and Sewer

Throughout the years, L.T. Hedrick Construction Company Inc. has developed relationships with utility contractors that enables us to meet storm drain, water and sewer needs for any size project. Our employees and sub-contractors are constantly receiving continuing education to help keep us up to date on the most current trends and safety procedures to minimize risk when any underground work is necessary. We also use the latest technology for installation and safety, which is of the highest priority. 

Storm Drainage

Stone Base, Paving, Curb and Gutter, and Concrete Paving

In order to offer turn-key construction services, we provide stone base, concrete paving, asphalt paving, curb and gutter, and sidewalk installation per your construction specifications with competitive pricing and construction schedules in mind. We self-perform as well as partner with sub-contractors that are well versed in all the aforementioned trades.

Specialty Trades


Pond and Dam Construction

L.T. Hedrick Construction Company Inc. started in 1956 in a rural area of Davidson County, North Carolina. We have always maintained a strong relationship with our rural heritage. Having said that, we still receive many requests to install ponds and dams. We consider ourselves experts in all factions of pond and dam installation. Our understanding of coring and construction of dams as well as materials deter water seepage. We also design and build ponds that are appealing to the fishing and waterfowl sportsman.

Athletic Field

Athletic Field Construction

Whether natural grass or artificial surface fields are specified, we offer piping, sub-surface soil conditioning and stone installation procedures to allow for proper drainage to create a playable field no matter the conditions. We have been involved in Old Dominion University football field, North Davidson baseball field, Brown's softball field, East Davidson Community Park baseball fields, as well as numerous soccer fields and complexes in the Town of Cary.

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